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공개·회원 93명

ANSWERS TO Quiz No 201 SPECIAL:The King 2 Hearts (Korean: 더킹 투하츠; RR: Deoking Tuhacheu) #LeeSeungGi 's character as Prince Lee Jae-ha (later King Jae-ha) he try to kill Kim Hang-ah play the piano the password he used recording in his office WAS ARE YOU HAPPY he made cosmetics for Kim Hang-ah his best friend's name is Eun Shi-kyung VIDEO PARTS -CREDIT : bernice INFORMATION Source: official Lee Seung Gi homepage, lsgfan, tryp96, ,YouTube, Asian wiki , ,TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM FAN PAGES, Lee Seung Gi airen WordPress . DISCLAIMER: THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY AND ARE NON-PROFIT. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! MUSIC AND VIDEO RIGHTS BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS/COMPANIES THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE QUIZ trloukou



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